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Liquid Ablutions

Caffeine drip, main line momentum
Shake off this California rust
Either my eyes are blurry
Or this is an acid flashback

Unequivocal absurdity
Play with my prepositions honey
You know I like that rhyme and meter
Never caring, never bending
I always rip off the safety tags

A beer for the road
My toll for the highway
Turns into another stumbling barcrawl staccato
Try this sixer, new seasonal
Spiced with overcome inhibitions

And sometimes violent
Like a grenade, area incendiary
Hat wearing hopscotcher
Pogoed in just for some tea

If drugs weren’t drinkable
My thirst would pack its bags
And leave me shaking
Alone and lost
I would dry up and turn to dust

Loveliness of The Dark


High on my own chemicals

Blood rush the ventricals

I can’t unfeel this feeling

Sun warm red sweet


Spilling light onto my face

Face melts into shoulders

Leaving nothing but a frame

Empty frame, shadows shame

Ripping your way through this cloth nothingness


Yet this cloth bleeds and bends

Barriers shifting

I can’t unfeel this feeling

Red silk runs cold


Through my hands like ribbons…


And my hands feel like stones

I cast them from me

But this isn’t skipping stones

You’re breaking bones


Didn’t your mother teach you better?

Didn’t your father teach you better?

No no they did not, but that’s not the point


Why do you hurt the ones you love?

Why do you love to hurt?


I call you up on the phone

And you say you’re not good people

You say your darkness isn’t like others

It’s permanent


Yet what could change more than a person?

This flesh moves and it breathes

 to a beat all its own

dragging my two-tone skin all over this earth


I’ve been playing hide and seek

And what I seek I’ve found

And all I want to do is hide now


But there’s more to this feeling

There’s the upswing, a new spring

A new dawn, breaking?


I’ve been walking in the shadows

Catching embers from your fire


The embers don’t catch on my skin

But I still try


I hope the fire that I make will keep us both warm

Until then, don’t forget to keep throwing sparks

My Loveliness of The Dark




Suckerpunch Love

Someone came out of the darkness

They cast their knucklebones

Like they were telling my fortune

Hard and fast, I was surprised


But as you’ve now surmised

I don’t fall easily

I’m still standing… slightly irritated


My eyes focus on you.


Lovely as the day is new

Is the face of my enemy to me


No more unpaid bills,

Unspoken words to unsung songs of passion

This is my enemy.

Here is the solution to all my problems

So I point at you and I tell you

“Come here.”

You waver, faltering.

You fear a martial response, I can tell


You don’t know that I need to embrace you.

Brother! Art Thou!

O but Where is the sense in doing that?

My love would be lost on you


So I soldier on

(After all) Custom doth dictate

That I render you pulpy and crimson

Like pomegranate, but less sweet


Then you cracked the fragile shell of my satisfaction

Running off into the night

Your Shock and Awe campaign

Now more of an Aw Shucks situation


Brother, (art thou?), may your feet be swift and sure

You showed me of the humanity that can be found in the dirt

And introduced Love to a Suckerpunch



(Fragment) Sewage

I’ve been spewing sewage…

Like you wanted it

The other day…

You said you wanted it


On that medieval shit

Spreading carnage like a dragon

Fire it up, I’ve got months to live

Better try those sugars that I still haven’t tasted


I’ve sick of houses

They’re all haunted

And apartments

Where the ghosts of our friends live


I could live in a shack by the sea

And count the Sallies by the seashore

One, two, three four, down my throat

I’m hanging with Sass and Molly tonight


they’re fun gals

but so are you

except that I’m not quite sure if you are…


I’m a broken compass

Looking for an mint single-print record

What sounds do you make when you’re kissing the sheets?

And do you only wear your hair that same way every day?


I do

I hate it

I should be liquid

I feel like mercury


Poisonous and quick

Driving men mad,  


A Tale of South Padre (Alternately titled “White Russians”)


White Russians, black morning…

What time is it again?

I hear the tick tock tick tock

The inevitable inevitably cascading down around

This carnage scene


Maybe it’s sin

But sin is in

At least it is if you believe the advertising

Marketing isn’t my major

But it is what I do

Selling myself, selling you

To yourself… isn’t that cool?


They say that a true salesman could sell ice to an Eskimo

Well kid, I sold your confidence to your insecurity

Or was it the other way round?


I run circles around this ballgame

But then we’re just playing in the sand

Dizzy bat major leagues, sorority girl- laser in

On that, like on One.

Don’t fuck my sister mister.


Excuse me?

Throwing ice at Pauly D.

The police were overly concerned

With the state of his blowout

So we jumped out into the car

Behind bars for a very short while

Criminal memories still make me smile

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