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Poetry Class Group Two

Summer of ‘09


Tara stopped smiling with her teeth

In the summer of ‘09


Plastic trees with painted leaves

Strewn careless and meandering

Led little wolves to slaughter

After lambs were hunted out


She set aside the tried and true

For a path trod far too often

Sun set on the boulevard

Of stars flaming and forgotten





Say hello to Nimble Jack

What a flash in the pan

Jumped straight into the fire


Candelabra alights

On Starry Nights

And Don croons tumbling after









Big Sky


Made to Last they said

American fit to fiddle

Less than what it use’ta be

Hope travels the trail

East to West

Underneath the big sky

Range-land as far as an eye can see

Bureau keeps watch over the mustang

Lest it find true freedom

Undulating dusty plains


So fine





Of Mother

Radiating stern love

Dripping on sealed ears






All flowers desire clear, small suns


Fighting for the one


The forest

More one than many

Strives to regain old shores

To rescue deserted brothers


Long after the State of Empire

Has fallen and been forgotten

Nature’s twin garden will flourish

And seas with team

With life both magic and ill-gotten




Sandy (Brienne)


His love for Sandy is great,

heart melts over and back racing the dusk.
Then the night prances while he’s away,
Dark room studies, fey dances ’til day’s dawn.

Her beauty is great,
Wondering mind until he sees,
laughing, dancing, is all she’ll do,
Waiting for the moment, for him to say, “I do.”





Home by Dark


Strangely placid under the gleaming
We gather rapid inspirations behind the light
Be watchful. The inspiration keeps going
Strangely glittering behind the dreamscape
We cross dazzling lightsabers near the fire
God! The day is done
Darkened line above the trees
We create transparent ghouls under the sky
Whoa! The evil will come
wary silent
never meeting
a phone ringing somewhere
With spilt regrets
the other
leaves for home
in the late light






A l-i-n-k


Forces act unseen

Rip twist and pull

At memories

tattered forgotten


Stilled, something…               there                            -here-

Some little grain

Sandy oyster pearl

Makes no mention

of oyster blood

Spilled for a stone





Rooted in the same soil

As my forefathers

Six generations past


They say

You sound like you’re from somewhere



They say

You look like you’re from somewhere



They say

I couldn’t put a finger on some where



Only touch a finger to the ground friend

My roots grow deeper

Than most






We were told of the greatest

Camp treat of all

Unholy trinity


Crisp graham cracker

Chocolate melt

Burnt mellow


Yet we have discovered

Another delicate-see

Crowned best of all


A graham is not needed

Chocolate superseded

Save mallow center only


Four discs black as night

Twice cream delight

Is the S’mOreo



Rain Falls


Tell it like it is son

Why hold back now

Rain will fall and skies will break

Without a care to know


Why speak

To feigned applause

Auditorium overflowing

Quick to empty


Show them your notches

Carved upon the weapon

You sold and bought back

Over and again






Once tasked

Twice masked

Thrice asked

Fourth year gone


Fifth mile a baker’s house on

Sixth street road

Seventh son was born less whole

Eighth, and last daughter made me


Ninth year into an only child

Tenth, the last to stay

Eleventh left at first dawn

Twelve stockings on the wall


A baker’s dozen less one remained

Ten new lives were laid and sprouted

Each a dozen more

But what of the eleventh forgotten?


Was she a kind one, a bright one, or anything at all?

Aunt Cecilia, I wish

I could have known

Your children and my cousins, lost




In summertime, our love is sweet, like lilacs floating in the breeze.
In wintertime, our love is warm — runs in waves from fingers to toes.

If skies are blue, our love is tender — two people swaying in the sun.
If thunder rolls our love is calm, a refuge from the whirling rain.

When spring flowers bloom, our love is bold, like yellow petals on garden roses.
When autumn leaves fall, our love is steely, shining like a harvest sunset.

From New Year’s Day till Eve our love will continue to grow
From season to season we will love madly. My one, my only, my puppy.



Myrtle Grove


Familiar place

Of mystery and safety

Strangely intertwined

As the canopy above


Sword fern seas

Avenues of brown leaves

Wild clover with bitter roots


Where I fought my first enemies

Real and imagined

And pressed a four-leaf

For my mother’s luck


Red cedar house

Is where we slept

Banked above the river depths

Beside a myrtle grove


Poetry Class Group One

Loveliness of the Dark



High on my own chemicals

Blood rush the ventricles

I can’t unfeel this feeling

Sun warm red sweet


Spilling light onto my face

Face melts into shoulders

Leaving nothing but a frame

Empty frame, shadows shame

Ripping your way through this cloth nothingness


Yet this cloth bleeds and bends

Barriers shifting

I can’t unfeel this feeling

Red silk runs cold

Through my hands like ribbons…


And my hands feel like stones

I cast them from me

But this isn’t skipping stones

My friend

You’re breaking bones


Didn’t your mother teach you better?

Didn’t your father teach you better?

No no they did not but that’s not the point

Why do you hurt the ones you love?

Why do you love to hurt?


I call you up on the phone

And you say

you’re not good people

You say your darkness isn’t like others

It’s permanent

Yet what could change more than a person?

This flesh moves and it breathes

to a beat all its own

dragging my two-tone skin

all over this earth


I’ve been playing hide and seek

And what I seek I’ve found

And all I want to do is hide now


But there’s more to this feeling

There’s the upswing… a new dawn breaking


I’ve been walking

in the shadows

Catching embers from your fire

The embers don’t catch on my skin

But I still try


I hope the fire I make

will keep us both warm

Until then

don’t forget to keep throwing sparks

My Loveliness of The Dark





This is the year of Slow

Where I heal and grow



Life moves too fast sometimes

for one to truly grasp

what’s it’s going on about

So let’s ease up on the pedal a bit


Breathe Relax Brake

I want to unwind

this mortal coil

examine the fiber

Am I made of steel or string?





Suckerpunch Love


Someone came out of the darkness

They cast their knucklebones

Like they were telling my fortune

Hard and fast, I was surprised


But as you’ve now surmised

I don’t fall easily

I’m still standing

slightly irritated


My eyes focus on you


Lovely as the day is new

Is the face of my enemy to me


No more unpaid bills

Unspoken words to

unsung songs of passion

There is my enemy


Here, the solution

to all my problems

So I proffer a hand

and I tell you


Come here

You waver, faltering

You fear a martial response

I can tell


You don’t know that I need to embrace you

Brother! Art Thou!

O but Where is the sense in doing that

My love would be lost on you


I soldier on

(After all) Custom doth dictate

That I render you pulpy and crimson

Like pomegranate, but less sweet


Then you cracked the fragile shell of my satisfaction

Running off into the night

Your Shock and Awe campaign

Now more of an Aw Shucks situation


Brother, may your feet be swift and sure

You showed me of the humanity

that can be found in the dirt

And introduced Love to a Suckerpunch





I feel so Indulgent

Self congratulating

my every crawl-step


with life as we know it

Every pretty phrase becomes a novel

every pretty face a muse


When will I hang this ego

at the door

and start the work?

I will never be a slave

to anyone but myself

I need only become

my own master





Liquid Ablutions

Caffeine drip, main line momentum
Shake off this California rust
Either my eyes are blurry
Or this is an acid flashback

Unequivocal absurdity
Play with my prepositions honey
You know I like that rhyme and meter
Never caring, never bending
I always rip off the safety tags

A beer for the road
My toll for the highway
Turns into another stumbling barcrawl staccato
Try this sixer, new seasonal
Spiced with overcome inhibitions

And sometimes violent
Like a grenade, area incendiary
Hat wearing hopscotcher
Pogoed in just for some tea

If drugs weren’t drinkable
My thirst would pack its bags
And leave me shaking
Alone and lost
I would dry up and turn to dust


(Fragment) Sewage


I’ve been spewing sewage…

Like you wanted it

The other day…

You said you wanted it


On that medieval shit

Spreading carnage like a dragon

Fire it up, I’ve got months to live

Better try those sugars that I still haven’t tasted


I’ve sick of houses

They’re all haunted


And apartments

Where the ghosts of our friends live


I could live in a shack by the sea

And count the Sallies by the seashore


One, two, three four, down my throat

I’m hanging with Sass and Molly tonight


they’re fun gals

but so are you


except that I’m not quite sure if you are…


I’m a broken compass

Looking for a mint single-print record


What sounds do you make

when you’re kissing the sheets?


And do you only wear your hair

that same way every day?


I do

I hate it

I should be liquid

I feel like mercury


Poisonous and quick

Driving men mad,





A Tale of South Padre (Spring Break)


White Russians, black morning…

What time is it again?


I hear the tick tock tick tock

The inevitable

inevitably cascading down around…

This carnage scene


Maybe it’s sin

But sin is in

At least it is if you believe

the advertising


Marketing isn’t my major

But it is what I do

Selling myself, selling you

To yourself… isn’t that cool?


They say that a true salesman

could sell ice to an Eskimo

Well kid

I sold your confidence to your insecurity


Or was it the other way round?


I run circles around this ballgame

But then we’re just playing in the sand

Dizzy bat major leagues

sorority girl laser in

On that, like on one

Don’t touch my sister mister


Throwing ice at Pauly D

The police were overly concerned

With the state of his blowout

So we jumped out the street

Behind bars for a very short while

Criminal memories still make me smile




Online Dating


Paint me a picture

cut me a rose

Write me a sonnet

clothe me in prose


Drip my lips with sweetness

To soothe these weak knees


Speak the word poet

I am yours


Sing a song singer

My heart can hear


Sculpt my soul sculptor

and make it whole again


The sounds of your new Tinder match

ring out over my faint cries

on to your next catch

and on to new lies



Sands of Liege


Cigarette butt carpet

Litters the track

Fast train to slow town

Liege or bust

This little engine inside of me





like to start sleeping

Days and nights of eternity

The owl or the cock

Who to choose one vanity over




by something unattainable

I only wanted to cage

this bird of such pretty plumage

young eater of carrion

Don’t take my prison of glass






Towing our friend behind a truck

Over verdant rolling hills


He sits astride a bathtub

An emperor on porcelain wheels


He rides this tub to battle

He rides it out of love

He rides it only knowing

now he can join the club


When the rider’s body

leaves his chariot for the air

His face shows only terror

His kingly tub now bare





The charge was temporary

The verdict short

The jury was one

Quite an unseemly court


They said you were wicked

Then said you were kind

How strange to remember

We can be of two minds




Nights Like These


On nights like these

Where we begin again


I find a peace

Of summer’s joy


Kindled fire

Stoked and fed


Reminds me now

And coats vision red



Electric Blanket


You told me

That my soul

Was an electric blanket

That hadn’t been plugged in


An outlet was offered

I saved my peace

To forge onward alone

Find out what it means


If my name were Linus

A blanket would fit

But I’ve just this knapsack

And the (w)hole of a dream





I’ll meet you in my summer years

when the ache of spring has gone


and winter’s chill is but a memory

How fast my youth has gone

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