Loveliness of The Dark


High on my own chemicals

Blood rush the ventricals

I can’t unfeel this feeling

Sun warm red sweet


Spilling light onto my face

Face melts into shoulders

Leaving nothing but a frame

Empty frame, shadows shame

Ripping your way through this cloth nothingness


Yet this cloth bleeds and bends

Barriers shifting

I can’t unfeel this feeling

Red silk runs cold


Through my hands like ribbons…


And my hands feel like stones

I cast them from me

But this isn’t skipping stones

You’re breaking bones


Didn’t your mother teach you better?

Didn’t your father teach you better?

No no they did not, but that’s not the point


Why do you hurt the ones you love?

Why do you love to hurt?


I call you up on the phone

And you say you’re not good people

You say your darkness isn’t like others

It’s permanent


Yet what could change more than a person?

This flesh moves and it breathes

 to a beat all its own

dragging my two-tone skin all over this earth


I’ve been playing hide and seek

And what I seek I’ve found

And all I want to do is hide now


But there’s more to this feeling

There’s the upswing, a new spring

A new dawn, breaking?


I’ve been walking in the shadows

Catching embers from your fire


The embers don’t catch on my skin

But I still try


I hope the fire that I make will keep us both warm

Until then, don’t forget to keep throwing sparks

My Loveliness of The Dark





2 thoughts on “Loveliness of The Dark

  1. saharsalman says:

    Wow! I love this! Great work!


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